Humanoid Robots: The Best Innovations of 2020

Humanoid Robots: The Best Innovations of 2020 Humanoid robotsĀ have become quite common in the tech world in recent times. These robots are designed to resemble a human body structure, from the limbs to the general physique. However, some of them have been modified to fit their various uses and specifications and may not entirely resemble […]Read More

Robots for Home & Business Made Affordable

There were a few random articles and news in the past where humanoids and robo-pets were displayed to the public. But, hardly there were any commercial robots that you could take home. In short, there was nothing substantial beyond prototypes in labs. This scenario is changing with Ubtech, a company that offers robots and robot-kits […]Read More

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Robotics is having increasing usage in different fields, especially in factories as well as in space and exploration projects. NASA is known to use robots, often in groups that have been used for Mars exploration. International Space Station has a robotic arm called Canadarm2 which is a permanent and useful fixture in space. K10 is […]Read More