Windows 10 Update Upcoming April 2020: In Brief

More features are around the corner with the Windows 10 April update. Starting from more control over optional updates themselves to a whole new Cortana experience, cloud backup for reinstalling Windows and ‘Disk Type’ management under Task Manager. Here we take a look at the most useful and expected updates and what all can be […]Read More

Technology in Life Today and how it has Changed

The proliferous penetration of technology in life has been a constant and steady force for centuries. But, the pace at which 19th and 20th-century inventions have changed the way we look at the world today is unimaginable. The sheer impact of technology or the absence of it is immediate and alarming when you move from […]Read More

Quantum Radar will Expose Stealth Aircraft

The Secrets of Quantum Radar For decades military agencies across the world have been pursuing technologies to do surveillance and catch enemies doing the same. The famous SR71 Blackbird from the US is one of the most notable stealth aircraft, courtesy of YouTube. There have been many developments since then, and before.Radar is the device […]Read More

Upcoming Technology with Artificial Intelligence

Upcoming Technology with Artificial Intelligence in Different Field The upcoming technology in AI is only days away. Today, AI has found applications in every domain possible. It was arbitrarily fast and is increasing at a rapid pace today. Artificial Intelligence The field of intelligent machines, appliances, and software that work and behave as humans do […]Read More

The Long-Sought Quantum Computing Supremacy by Google under Scrutiny

CEO Sundar Pichai made an announcement on Wednesday that their quantum processor was able to compute a previously impossible problem. And, soon after the press release, IBM released a blog article describing the milestone as a mere showcase but not actual quantum supremacy. It was described that with this feat, Google’s quantum computer is now […]Read More