Upcoming Technology with Artificial Intelligence

Upcoming Technology with Artificial Intelligence in Different Field The upcoming technology in AI is only days away. Today, AI has found applications in every domain possible. It was arbitrarily fast and is increasing at a rapid pace today. Artificial Intelligence The field of intelligent machines, appliances, and software that work and behave as humans do […]Read More

Cyborg Beetles Promise Autonomous Search and Rescue Capabilities

A cyborg or cybernetic organism, according to Wikipedia, is an amalgamation of two words ‘Cybernetic’ and ‘Organism’. It was coined in 1960 and has been studied in parts under bionics, biomedical, human enhancement, BCI and such fields. And, while cyborgs have always been depicted as humans in Hollywood, these can be any organism. The fascinating […]Read More

Robots for Home & Business Made Affordable

There were a few random articles and news in the past where humanoids and robo-pets were displayed to the public. But, hardly there were any commercial robots that you could take home. In short, there was nothing substantial beyond prototypes in labs. This scenario is changing with Ubtech, a company that offers robots and robot-kits […]Read More

A Humanoid Robot that can Scoop You an Ice-Cream

Businesses are trying innovative methods to lure customers. From robot-themed restaurants to humanoids that can now serve you a cone of ice cream as you desire. This not only shows how researchers and computer programmers have developed but also the direction of research in the field of robotics. From unmanned vehicles on Mars to Robots […]Read More

How does a Mobile Robot Keep Us from Harm’s Way?

Even since the beginning of the industrial revolution in 1800, the steam engine was the popular icon of all. But, with the 1900s, came automobiles, and with the 2000s, came factory workers that were made of steel and ran on electricity. They did everything from packing, cutting, painting, over and over again. But, with robots […]Read More

How Robot Drones Work Together to Save Lives?

It was a day of tension and terror for the families of two teens that were washed ashore in the turbulent ocean with no one to rescue. Quite far from the coast of New South Wales, these two teens in distress had only one thing to count on, a Westpac: Little Ripper drone. The rescue […]Read More

Sophia: The Robot that can Take a Leisurely Stroll with

The field of mobile robotics where cars can drive around autonomously or drones flying with the help of remote control has grown into popularity quite rapidly. However, from the very beginning when the humble beginnings were laid by Sony, things were not that enthusiastic as today. The first robot that made into the news was […]Read More

A new bionic robot You’ve Never seen before

The world of robots spans from industry workers, underwater MAVs to drones in the sky. But, there is a company that has developed something for the animal kingdom as well. This research firm from Germany called Festo has developed a robot model that looks and functions like a real kangaroo. It is designed keeping in […]Read More