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Space Invaders – The Board Game

Space Invaders – The Board Game There are some computer games and handheld video games that have been the icons for decades. It is like the Taito’s Space Invaders made with grayscale pixels on a small 3×4 inch screen. It has been 40 official years since the famous game had been first released and it […]Read More

The New Best PC Games of 2020

The New Best PC Games of 2020 Taking part in games is a generational thing. Everyone is playing it, including adults and children. People play these games for various reasons. Some of these reasons include slowing down your age, ease your mind, and help you to solve problems, among others. Here are some of the […]Read More

New Strategy Game for Hardcore Gamer (Mechwarrior 5)

New Strategy Game for Hardcore Gamer (Mechwarrior 5) MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries are the latest game in the popular MechWarrior series released by Piranha Games on December 10, 2019. The title is currently made available through the Epic Games Store. The game takes you to the fictional world of BattleTech where you have to combat Battlemechs, […]Read More

Japan will Build a Robotic Moon Base

Japan will Build a Robotic Moon Base Something completely out of the blue appeared when it was announced that Japan is trying to land on the moon. What the biggest countries and most advanced nations have been thinking for decades, is taking a new turn. With developing countries like India trying to land their robots […]Read More

A New Ride Opens in Star Wars Disneyland (Real-X-Wings)

A New Ride Opens in Disneyland (Real-X-Wings) Amusement parks and playgrounds for kids are no longer in your backyard. Just like big malls where you find all shopping brands the theme parks and specially curated playgrounds offer unique experiences all in one place. This is the imagination of the 20th century and Disney is one […]Read More

GitHub Mobile App for Users to Check Code

GitHub Mobile App for Users to Check Code The GitHub is a major platform used today for version control and uploading open-source code for all. It is used by millions of users worldwide for maintaining their projects, uploading and reviewing code from anywhere and anytime, keeping track of the changes and timeline of all the […]Read More

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Is Out: Reasons You Should

Do You like playing games at the comfort of your home? There are many games that you can play and have fun. Therefore, whenever you are looking for a game to play, consider┬áRed Dead Redemption 2 pc.┬áThis is vital because it makes the game real and helps players to maintain concepts of honour, kindness, and […]Read More

John Wick Hex: What Is So Exciting About The Game?

John Wick Hex is a new action game that you certainly want to try. The name speaks for itself. John Wick Movies have, over time, attracted so many viewers: thanks to the exciting action, and the quality of the graphics. Expect nothing less from John Wick Hex. How is John Wick Hex played? Just like […]Read More

Borderlands 3; the Next Biggest PC Game

Game lovers, you all are not ready for this one yet. Borderlands 3 is here, and it features everything that you would all wish for. The game entails refined shooting and movements, exciting challenges, and mechanically distinct firearms that you have not seen in any other game. Such aspects make this video game one of […]Read More