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Top 5 PC Upcoming games in 2020

Top 5 PC Upcoming games in 2020 The PC is packed with a myriad of games, plenty of which are free to play. They are just as good as their premium counterparts made up of titles and come in various genres, from turn-based and real-time strategy games to shooters and team-oriented MOBAs. The year 2020 […]Read More

Prediction 2020: The Future of Robot Technology Next Year

Prediction 2020: The Future of Robot Technology Next Year The technological advancements are at the forefront of the decade’s end. In a few days, we shall be in 2020; the starting of the new decade and all the year’s work will come to a culmination of innovation and advancements made in a term of 10 […]Read More

Facebook Sells off VR Software Oculus Medium to Adobe

Facebook Sells off VR Software Oculus Medium to Adobe For once, the world is now looking with curiosity towards VR and AR technology. There is a great potential in its use and myriads of applications. Microsoft introduced its new Hololens 2 and HTC is going strong with Vibe. The technology has been around in various […]Read More

The most anticipated PS4 Games (Last of Us Part II)

The Last Of Us Part 2 is the most anticipated game among the ps4 games. It is an improved version of the game Last Of Us Remastered that was written by Niel Druckmann who says that part II will be more violent and hatred based as compared to the first part which was love based. […]Read More

Smart Tattoos that can Monitor Your Health too

Did anyone give a thought to this idea? People these days have been obsessed with tattoos and possibly trying to find the most parts of their bodies inked. What if you can make smart tattoos? Does that do more than just make a beautiful impression on your skin? Today, a tattoo can say so much, […]Read More

A Humanoid Robot that can Scoop You an Ice-Cream

Businesses are trying innovative methods to lure customers. From robot-themed restaurants to humanoids that can now serve you a cone of ice cream as you desire. This not only shows how researchers and computer programmers have developed but also the direction of research in the field of robotics. From unmanned vehicles on Mars to Robots […]Read More

Fortnite Season 11 Chapter 2 Leaked Pass

The Battle Pass cosmetics have supposedly been leaked online. This is what season 11 is going to bring us in its ‘Chapter 2’ version of the update. The game has been an intriguing affair for gamers since the end of last season. The beloved game is one of the most popular titles on the market, […]Read More

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Royale Pass Details Leaked

From restaurants to food trucks, PUBG has gathered attention from fellows in all spheres. Many have even named their kids after PUBG. Such is the fan following of this game from Tencent, the parent company behind the mobile blockbuster. So, it is only reasonable to cover the next big thing about it. Their Season 10 […]Read More

Call of Duty Mobile A Fantastic Game for Online Gamer

Ever since Activision took control of the Call of Duty Franchise, there has been constant development in the first-person action shooter. While Call of Duty-Modern Warfare brought the game into popularity when a lot of other games were stuck in the same old rhetoric, this was a breath of fresh air. Both of the single-player […]Read More

Laser Shooting Gun Alarm Gadget

Getting up early in the morning is not in the good books of many. But, because of the work demand, fitness goals, household chores, etc., people are bound to get up early in the morning. Well, one of the most common tools used to help people wake up in the morning is the alarm clock. […]Read More