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I am a Software Engineer and SEO Specialist. I consider myself a good problem analyzer speaker, and I have a good sense of humor. I own an SEO agency and work on website development and SEO tasks for clients all over the world.

Apple Apps Got Redesigned and its Map App is Now

With a recent update to Apple apps, the newly upgraded Maps app is made available across the US. In Miami, it has added real-time transit for added benefit to daily travelers. Knowing congestion and avoiding routes with delay and taking faster routes. Apple has updated the app to offer a more detailed experience to its […]Read More

The Widely Popular Scams to Beware as an Online Gamer

The online gaming community is growing today faster than ever. And, companies and studios are also pushing their boundaries to keep up with new titles and options for online gaming. Even more, VR and AR are making a firm stand for online gamer to use their platforms and offer feedback. Thus, new companies like Twitch […]Read More

Honda Plans to Reveal its in-Car AI Virtual Assistant at

Google made a big splash with its software person that could talk back to you and hold a conversation in real-time. It is called Google Virtual Assistant. Since then Cortana by Microsoft and Bixby by Samsung, and many more started surfacing and adding similar capabilities to their products. This AI virtual assistant in today’s speaking […]Read More

iPhone 11 is Requesting Location Data without Permission

  Apple is in the news this time due to a newfound disturbance or privacy issue. And, the company claims its latest high-tech features are too high-tech. This is called “ultra wideband” tech which is built into the new iPhone 11 models for superior performance and thus resulted in the above problems. What can you […]Read More

The Report Claims Amazon will Reveal its Own Amazon Cloud

As game streaming service from Google was met with severe criticism and disastrous response, people are speculating about the future. Surely, Microsoft with its xCloud has gained popularity for taking the right approach and delivered a practical product. Google on the other hand cheated, told lies, and made fake promises that were found to be […]Read More

Best PC Games 2019: The Must-Play PC Games You Don’t

Some of the best games of this year were first-person shooters and mobile versions of them. The games like COD made a huge splash. On the other hand, making a list of the best PC games 2019 made for PC is a challenging task. Since consoles like ‘PS4’ and ‘Xbox’ dominate the gaming industry, yet […]Read More

The Long-Sought Quantum Computing Supremacy by Google under Scrutiny

CEO Sundar Pichai made an announcement on Wednesday that their quantum processor was able to compute a previously impossible problem. And, soon after the press release, IBM released a blog article describing the milestone as a mere showcase but not actual quantum supremacy. It was described that with this feat, Google’s quantum computer is now […]Read More

Nvidia has Launched a New Graphic Card for PC Games

  All the big companies in tech rely on heavy-lifting computing. And, others also use them in an industry far beyond engineering, such as movie making and animation. The top of the line computing systems is manufactured and marketed by a few giants. Whether it is the CPU or the GPU, the desktops and laptops […]Read More