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I am a Software Engineer and SEO Specialist. I consider myself a good problem analyzer speaker, and I have a good sense of humor. I own an SEO agency and work on website development and SEO tasks for clients all over the world.

Google Doodle Games Series to Help Deal with Stay at

Google Doodle Games Series In this pandemic situation when everyone is getting bored at home especially the children as they cannot go out and play, Google has come up with a great idea of keeping you and your kids engaged within the four walls of your home. The search engine has recently started publishing some […]Read More

Vivo Overtakes Samsung in Indian Smartphone Sales

Vivo Overtakes Samsung in Indian Smartphone Sales The demand for smartphones was high in the Indian market amidst the outbreak of Covid-19 and month-long lockdown. The manufacturer of smartphones with Chinese collaboration, Vivo remained unbeaten to Samsung for the very first time in the history of smartphone sales in the last quarter. According to data […]Read More

How Apple Watch Revealed My Toxic Stress Level, and Helped

A set of essential features like Sleep Watch, Breathe, and HRV Tracker available on the Apple Watch makes it unique. It not only helps one make changes to their unhealthy lifestyle but also checks over them. The heart-rate monitor can notify you when it finds an abnormal condition. Or the Breathe app is a wonderful […]Read More

Facebook Messenger Wishes to Takeover Zoom and Houseparty

Facebook Messenger Wishes to Takeover Zoom and Houseparty Here we are working day and night from home and tech companies are evolving to support this transition. Working from home or WFH is gradually becoming the norm. Besides that, the ability to be electronically present across the world is magic. Video calling, voice calling, group text […]Read More

LG Teases New 5G Velvet Phone with ‘Raindrop’ Camera

LG Electronics recently released a short teaser on their upcoming smartphone, named LG Velvet Phone 5G. As the name suggests, we can understand that it will use the 5G technology. The trailer provides us a clear look of the phone that has gone for a refreshing change from the company’s latest launches like the V60. […]Read More

Netflix Announces Live-Action Dragon’s Lair Film

Dragon’s Lair was published in the year 1983, a popular video game series that still ripples in people’s hearts. Netflix recently has opened up its plans to put up a live-action adaptation on the 80’s popular classic the Dragon’s Lair. It’s expected that the famous artist Ryan Reynolds will be handling the role of the […]Read More

How to Kill Coronavirus in Your Home and Car after

The novel coronavirus is causing a threat to human life. It is mandatory to keep up measures to help reduce the infection caused by the virus and the spread of COVID-19. It’s been known that the contagious virus can enter your body through a lot of ways by droplet transmission. Hence, health authorities and the […]Read More

Windows 10 Update Upcoming April 2020: In Brief

More features are around the corner with the Windows 10 April update. Starting from more control over optional updates themselves to a whole new Cortana experience, cloud backup for reinstalling Windows and ‘Disk Type’ management under Task Manager. Here we take a look at the most useful and expected updates and what all can be […]Read More