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Arslan Zahid is a content marketer who is owner & CEO of Animus Webs. A SEO specialist by day and a blogger by night, he is loathe to discuss himself in the third person, but can be persuaded to do so from time to time. Find me on any below social channels.

France Hits Google with $166M Antitrust Fine for Murky and

France Hits Google with $166M Antitrust Fine for Murky and Conflicting Promotion Rules Big tech giants are making use of all tactics they can to make money without alarming users. It might be secretly collecting data or using their monopoly in markets to gather a user base. Google is not alien to this concept and […]Read More

Will 2020 be a Decade of Holistic Advertisement?

Will 2020 be a Decade of Holistic Advertisement? Advertising has always seen new ways of getting to the people, sometimes the target, and often, not the target. The scene of online advertising has been growing rapidly in this decade too with the market growing totally on mobile ads and revenue. The rapid expansion has pushed […]Read More

Security News and Biggest Apps Reveal this Black Friday

Security News and Biggest Apps Reveal this Black Friday The holiday season is fast approaching and that means a lot of struggle to find the best picks. While you are out there or inside your office looking at apps and figuring out the best buy, here we have compiled a list of the best tech […]Read More

The Average Custom PC Builder Focuses on Gaming Too

When it comes to building your own custom PC you try to make the best of your investment. This means that you can do more with less money. And, hence you get the best you can. The average buyer can now get a gaming computer at the price of an average daily driver laptop only […]Read More

It’s Back in Development, Payday 2 Back on Track

The CEO of Starbreeze, the company behind Payday, released a statement confirming that the game is back on track. It is under active development and they have patched up a Payday 2: Legacy Edition to mark the announcement too. A few changes have been made into Payday 2 and CEO Mikael Nermark is happy with […]Read More

Discover Your Luck with Pokemon Cards Box Online Kids Game

If you hit the Amazon right now you can find many varieties of card boxes for Pokemon for all ages. Here ( you can find your Poke-merchandise and brand yourself in the all-fantasy game. In the era of internet and mobile gaming, Pokemon TCG is an online version of the card game that can be […]Read More

The Upcoming Best PC Games of 2020, if You Missed

There have been too many announcements in the tech industry lately, and one cannot avoid but missing a few of them, now and then. If gaming is your favorite pastime or even profession, you cannot miss the huge blockbuster game titles that are making the rounds now. With 2019 only 2 months away, the stage […]Read More

The Top-of-the-Line Gaming PC Builds of 2020 is Here

The modern PC market is filled with different genres or categories. Of them, the top and most prized ones are gaming PCs and ultrabooks. This is considering the average consumer market though. Then, there are different categories considering the business market which is divided into rugged laptops, desktops, powerful desktop towers for content creation, media […]Read More

The Best PC Game of October 2019 is Out Now

The month has been in review for long and just when the end is near; it is time to release the list. Who made it to the top 3 and which games missed to make that comeback or impression on their players and target audience? From companies like ‘Ubisoft’, ‘Activision’ and many more, we expect […]Read More