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How TikTok Chooses whom to Make Famous?

This video-sharing social media platform, TikTok, came out of nowhere in 2016 and has become quite popular since. That is, youngsters prefer using TikTok videos more than Facebook and Instagram combined. The novelty of the platform and how it helps videos get viral and people get famous is more than lucrative. But, how exactly does […]Read More

How is the Gaming Industry Affected by Coronavirus?

Gaming Industry Affected by Coronavirus? The outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic has been a serious issue for all businesses including the gaming industry. The productions of chips for Apple and Samsung’s smartphones, fabrication of parts and components have been hit by this outbreak. The impact seems to grow as multiple gaming companies, including Nintendo, have […]Read More

Best Laptop 2020: The Best Laptop You Want to Buy

Best Laptop 2020:You Want to Buy this Year If you’re planning on upgrading your laptop or looking for a good laptop for a particular type of profession, we have some best laptop 2020 recommendations in this article. A laptop good for media consumption is not the same for writers or engineers. A laptop for on-the-go […]Read More

A New Intel Processor spotted in 3DMark with 5.1GHz boost

New Intel Processor spotted in 3DMark There has been a tough competition between AMD and Intel processor for quite some time after the release of the Ryzen series. With the AMD making a comeback, Intel is trying hard to push the boundaries and figure out ways to live up to the expectation. The gaming market […]Read More

Maxar & NASA to Exhibit Robotic Spacecraft Assembly in the

Robotic Spacecraft Assembly in the Orbit Robotics has seen a great push forward with the current development straight from NASA. Now, robots are in space with manipulator robots being employed for spacecraft assembly. Industrial robots have been designed to create a robotic arm for various tasks like welding, die-cast, pick and place, and more. All […]Read More

SpaceX starship Details Share by Elon Musk (Space Rocket)

SpaceX starship Elon Musk is an entrepreneur from South Africa, and his career has been one stunning triumph after another. He started as a founder of Zip2 and sold out for $22 million. He then became a co-founder of Paypal and cashed out for $165 million. In rapid succession, he later became a co-founder of […]Read More

5 Most Popular Online Games for Xbox

Most Popular Online Games for Xbox Among online games, the mobile gaming industry is on the edge today. It is growing at a rapid scale and is out there making revenue in billions. Among games for Xbox and mobile games, online gaming is making more money than ever before. Fallout 4 The 4th installment in […]Read More

Eight Easy Steps to Secure Your Microsoft Window 10

Eight Easy Steps to Secure Your Microsoft Window 10 operating systemYou don’t have to be a nerd to know things, and securing your Windows 10 PC is certainly one among them. But, for that one has to understand the problems with Windows 10 in the first place. What problems plague it? Thankfully, it is not […]Read More

The Best Camera Accessories for Shutterbug Photography

The Best Camera Accessories for Shutterbug Photography With the new year approaching fast ahead with full-throttle taking a peek at some of the most cherished hobbies of 2019 is a must. And, if not for the amazing cameras studded at the rear of our smartphones, with some even having up to 5, this has been […]Read More