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Quest for a Coronavirus Vaccine has Engulfed Scientists Worldwide

Coronavirus(coivd_19) The process of developing a vaccine is a long one and something ready to be used by the public requires further scrutiny. Since the spread of the novel coronavirus vaccine, called COVID-19, started in Wuhan province of China, medical authorities across the world have been baffled by it. The scientists and medical professionals from […]Read More

Division 2: A New Strategy Game for Hardcore Gamers

New Strategy Game for Hardcore Gamers Ubisoft had launched Tom Clancy’s: The Division2 back in February 2019 with a nice trailer and a great punchline that reads “The fate of the free world is on the line”. It is a role-playing video game for online games that focus on the FPS genre. Developed in collaboration […]Read More

The Hardcore Mode in the New Update of PUBG Mobile

New Update of PUBG Mobile The game studio recently released a new update with characters and graphic updates going into PUBG’s new Chapter. And, already the leaks for the ‘Hardcore Mode’ are out in the wild. PUBG Mobile is all set to disrupt the online games, particularly mobile-Fortnite competition. The new mode has been added […]Read More

Is AI-Generated Music as Good as Hits of All Times?

we can Compose Music With the help of AI. AI has the ability to mimic when observations and labels are presented to it in huge numbers. In case of generating music too, if you trained the AI on the biggest hits of all times, ideally it should learn and output something very similar, if not […]Read More

Einride is Preparing to Hire its First Human Remote Truck

First Human Remote Truck Driver Einride are riding a wave of enthusiasm for autonomous technology in trucks. Among the companies working on driverless transport projects, like Tesla, Nikola, and Freightliner, this Swedish company stands out. Since 2016 they have been researching and developing self-driving trucks that promise to save labor to improve working conditions and […]Read More

The Best Gaming PC 2020: 10 of the Top Gaming

Best Gaming PC 2020 Gaming on a budget or willing to buy the fully-featured kit, gaming PC 2020 has a lot to offer this time. It matters the amount of firepower you have if you want to play the newest and most popular titles because they are also most demanding. The best gaming PC 2020 […]Read More

How TikTok Chooses whom to Make Famous?

This video-sharing social media platform, TikTok, came out of nowhere in 2016 and has become quite popular since. That is, youngsters prefer using TikTok videos more than Facebook and Instagram combined. The novelty of the platform and how it helps videos get viral and people get famous is more than lucrative. But, how exactly does […]Read More

How is the Gaming Industry Affected by Coronavirus?

Gaming Industry Affected by Coronavirus? The outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic has been a serious issue for all businesses including the gaming industry. The productions of chips for Apple and Samsung’s smartphones, fabrication of parts and components have been hit by this outbreak. The impact seems to grow as multiple gaming companies, including Nintendo, have […]Read More

Best Laptop 2020: The Best Laptop You Want to Buy

Best Laptop 2020:You Want to Buy this Year If you’re planning on upgrading your laptop or looking for a good laptop for a particular type of profession, we have some best laptop 2020 recommendations in this article. A laptop good for media consumption is not the same for writers or engineers. A laptop for on-the-go […]Read More

A New Intel Processor spotted in 3DMark with 5.1GHz boost

New Intel Processor spotted in 3DMark There has been a tough competition between AMD and Intel processor for quite some time after the release of the Ryzen series. With the AMD making a comeback, Intel is trying hard to push the boundaries and figure out ways to live up to the expectation. The gaming market […]Read More